3 Local Foods You can Buy in Downtown Bellingham

3 Local Foods You can Buy in Downtown Bellingham

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If you work in downtown Bellingham, you likely do a mix of bringing lunch from home and going out to eat. There are dozens of healthy restaurants in downtown Bellingham, but what about when you want to make lunch at work, or just enjoy a locally sourced afternoon snack? These are 5 local foods you can find in downtown Bellingham.

Avenue Bread – Bellingham Bakery

fresh sliced rosemary bread

Not just a sandwich place, Avenue Bread is also a local bakery. They supply fresh bread to all the major grocery stores in Bellingham: Haggen, Fred Meyer, even the Community Food Co-Op downtown. The rosemary English muffins are especially popular, frequently selling out at grocery stores. The sourdough and French breads are also exceedingly popular. Also mouth-watering is the selection of fresh baked pastries, cookies, and other baked treats. For the widest selection downtown, visit the downtown cafe on Railroad Ave. 

Apple State Vinegar – Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple State Vinegar, apple cider vinegar with fresh apples

Apple State Vinegar is a local company that creates delicious and healthy apple cider vinegar. Their products can be enjoyed in a cocktail, mocktail, or cooking recipe. It can even be mixed into a simple glass of water. Apple cider vinegar contains a living culture (full of probiotics and prebiotics!) and Vitamin B12 that supports your digestion and immune system. Apple State Vinegar can be found at the Community Food Co-Op, Haggen, or at the downtown Bellingham farmer’s market.

Brookfield Farm – Raw Honey

raw honey being stirred with honey stick next to cinnamon sticks

A farmer’s market staple, this delicious, local honey can also be found at the Community Food Co-Op in downtown Bellingham. Brookfield Farm’s specialty is raw honey from a variety of sources: local wildflowers, snowberries, chamisa, buckwheat, fireweed, and alfalfa. The beekeepers keep their hives healthy without hard chemicals or antibiotics, letting the bees fly free range to collect pollen from local flowers. Locally sourced honey is used as a home remedy to mitigate pollen allergy symptoms, a treatment approach based on allergen immunotherapy. Brookfield Farm’s local raw honey can be enjoyed as a home allergy remedy or just as a delicious, local treat.

The next time you’re putting lunch together at work, think of the local foods in your area. Perhaps your lunch needs locally grown fruit with a drizzle of raw wildflower honey, or farm-fresh eggs on an English muffin from Avenue Bread. No matter what you have for lunch, everything tastes better with a glass of apple cider vinegar.