Choosing a Hotel in Bellingham, WA

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Whether you’re going on vacation, visiting family, checking out Western Washington University, or have business with us at the Bellingham Bank Building, you’ll need a refreshing place to stay where you can take your shoes off and recuperate from a long day on the road. See our recommendations below for hotels in Bellingham, either downtown or tucked away between the trees.

Downtown Bellingham Hotels

downtown Bellingham hotel bed

Looking to do business in downtown Bellingham? Staying in a downtown hotel has more than a few perks. The Hotel Leo is just one block away from the Bellingham Bank Building, a historic downtown building built in 1929, featuring newly renovated hotel rooms with a phenomenal view of the Bellingham skyline. Visitors love how close the hotel is to downtown bars and restaurants, and the ease of transportation without ever having to rent a car or call an Uber. A wide selection of pet-friendly rooms is also available at the downtown hotel. Book your stay at this downtown Bellingham hotel.

Pet Friendly Hotels in Bellingham

pet-friendly hotel in Bellingham interior

Traveling with pets? The gorgeous Heliotrope Hotel not only has pet-friendly rooms available but a sizable yard for dogs to run and play. Traveling with your pets means not having to worry about a pet-sitter or kennel, and having your pets to keep you company on the road is a definite perk as well. This pet-friendly hotel in Bellingham has wonderfully plush beds and nature-themed art throughout each room. Three minutes from downtown Bellingham, the Heliotrope is within walking distance of Menace Brewing, the Bellingham waterfront, as well as several local restaurants.
What do you need for your visit to Bellingham? Download the Bellingham Concierge App for iPhone or Android to see recommended hotspots and earn discount points during your stay.

3 Local Foods You can Buy in Downtown Bellingham

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If you work in downtown Bellingham, you likely do a mix of bringing lunch from home and going out to eat. There are dozens of healthy restaurants in downtown Bellingham, but what about when you want to make lunch at work, or just enjoy a locally sourced afternoon snack? These are 5 local foods you can find in downtown Bellingham.

Avenue Bread – Bellingham Bakery

fresh sliced rosemary bread

Not just a sandwich place, Avenue Bread is also a local bakery. They supply fresh bread to all the major grocery stores in Bellingham: Haggen, Fred Meyer, even the Community Food Co-Op downtown. The rosemary English muffins are especially popular, frequently selling out at grocery stores. The sourdough and French breads are also exceedingly popular. Also mouth-watering is the selection of fresh baked pastries, cookies, and other baked treats. For the widest selection downtown, visit the downtown cafe on Railroad Ave. 

Apple State Vinegar – Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple State Vinegar, apple cider vinegar with fresh apples

Apple State Vinegar is a local company that creates delicious and healthy apple cider vinegar. Their products can be enjoyed in a cocktail, mocktail, or cooking recipe. It can even be mixed into a simple glass of water. Apple cider vinegar contains a living culture (full of probiotics and prebiotics!) and Vitamin B12 that supports your digestion and immune system. Apple State Vinegar can be found at the Community Food Co-Op, Haggen, or at the downtown Bellingham farmer’s market.

Brookfield Farm – Raw Honey

raw honey being stirred with honey stick next to cinnamon sticks

A farmer’s market staple, this delicious, local honey can also be found at the Community Food Co-Op in downtown Bellingham. Brookfield Farm’s specialty is raw honey from a variety of sources: local wildflowers, snowberries, chamisa, buckwheat, fireweed, and alfalfa. The beekeepers keep their hives healthy without hard chemicals or antibiotics, letting the bees fly free range to collect pollen from local flowers. Locally sourced honey is used as a home remedy to mitigate pollen allergy symptoms, a treatment approach based on allergen immunotherapy. Brookfield Farm’s local raw honey can be enjoyed as a home allergy remedy or just as a delicious, local treat.

The next time you’re putting lunch together at work, think of the local foods in your area. Perhaps your lunch needs locally grown fruit with a drizzle of raw wildflower honey, or farm-fresh eggs on an English muffin from Avenue Bread. No matter what you have for lunch, everything tastes better with a glass of apple cider vinegar.

Healthy Restaurants in Downtown Bellingham

Working at a desk has its challenges and benefits, but the best thing you can do for yourself at a sedentary job is eat healthy. Luckily, the Bellingham Bank Building is surrounded by nourishing lunch options.

Healthy Food in Walking Distance of the Bellingham Bank Building

Cafe Akorteri

greek salad with heavy layer of shredded feta over cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions

This ornate Greek restaurant serves tantalizing gyros and salads with a generous helping of feta cheese. The most sought-after item is the lamb souvlaki: a juicy meat skewer with rice and salad. The food served at this locale is healthy but not too healthy, a nice break from steamed broccoli.

Electric Beet Juice Co

red vegetable juice next to carrot and celery leaves

Just two blocks southeast of the Bellingham Bank Building, this juice shop is the perfect place for a health transfusion. Specializing in nutrient-packed juices, this downtown health niche will leave you feeling like a million bucks. Short on time? You can order online and pick it up when it’s ready.

The Wild Oat Bakery and Cafe

impossible burger with potato chips on paper tray

Serving vegan comfort food in a relaxed environment, this is the perfect spot for anyone to cleanse their palate of greasy, fatty foods. The rotating menu keeps items fresh and local. It is also one of the few locations in the US that serves The Impossible Burger, a 100% vegan burger with the satisfying taste and texture of meat. As an added benefit, Wild Oat can be seen right out our window at Intellitonic.

The Community Food Co-op

salad bar

A 12-minute round trip down Holly will take you to a sprawling hot bar filled with delectable, organic foods. Choose from a full range of fresh and prepared meals without leaving downtown. The Co-op provides the perfect chance to stretch your legs and eat something healthy in the middle of the day.

The Bellingham Bank Building is glad to have so many hearty meals within easy reach. It’s always refreshing to step into the vibrant downtown air and choose from the dozens or more of healthy restaurants. If you have a favorite downtown restaurant, let us know on Facebook.

Veritas Media Productions Finds a Place for Truth in the Marketing World

Tucked away inside the Bellingham Bank Building, a little company is cranking out videos that melt your heart. Their aim: to help companies grow with the aid of video. While the content varies, the people of Veritas have a passion for storytelling that resonates in all of their videos.

The Veritas Video Process

What it Means to Tell a Story

What makes a memorable video? Josh Burdick, founder of Veritas, believes truth has something to do with it. “People don’t want to feel like they’re being sold something,” he explains. Instead, the video company takes a storytelling approach, providing a detailed inside look without the gloss.

When creating a how-to video, they prove the value of a product by demonstrating its practical use. They show the object in action, doing something of real value. They’re not afraid to go into detail about what the product can do. When presenting an organization, they start with the people, exploring all they wish to accomplish and what brings the team together.

After watching a video, Josh wants viewers to think, I know I’ve never met them in person, but I feel like I know this person. I care what happens to them.

Finding the Heart of the Matter

No matter what, Veritas refuses to be flashy or gimmicky. “There is a place for commercialized content,” Josh explains, “but that’s not what we’re about.” Another company might cover their clients in makeup and feed everyone lines for the camera. Veritas encourages clients to take a breath and just talk.

Before getting out the film equipment, Josh takes time to sit down with the client. Together, they discuss their goals and ideas, preparing for a video that is grounded and informative. They get to know the purpose of the video and the target audience, finding common ground between the two and building a stronger connection.  

The Value of Video

Beyond the sentimental value, a Veritas video has the capacity to benefit a company in more objective ways. According to the Intellitonic SEO team, a well-placed video drives traffic to a website, increasing shares and drawing attention to products and services. In addition, the total time a user spends watching the video adds to the search engine value of the page, allowing it to soar to the front page of Google. The PR potential of an entertaining, informative video is astronomical.

Beyond the page views, Veritas has delivered great value to its clients at local events. For example, each year at the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Dinner, a crowd gathers to cheer on the success of people and businesses in Whatcom County. Each business is celebrated in a video profile created by Veritas. They’ve also partnered with other nonprofits like the Whatcom Women in Business, The Lighthouse Mission Ministries and Skookum Kids,  to bring engaging and informative videos to the big screen to help with fundraising and awards events.

Back on the web, some of their other clients like Samson Rope Technologies use video content as a way to increase the value of their existing products and have even created additional revenue streams. Next up, Veritas is preparing to film a historic flight around the world that once helped turn the tide of WWII.

Every business can benefit from video. If your company is ready for the next step, Josh asks that you contact him for a free consultation and see what good a video can do.

Heliotrope Hotel Selling Beds

Bellingham Business News: Heliotrope Hotel Custom Beds For Sale

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The Heliotrope Hotel at 2419 Elm St, Bellingham Wa, 98225 is now offering guests the opportunity to purchase the previously exclusive hand made frames that are used in their rooms.

From their Facebook Page:

“Bring the Heliotrope experience home. We are officially selling our custom designed, hand built queen frames (by Smith & Vallee Cabinet Makers). This will be a very limited offer, so please contact us with only serious inquiries. 360.201.2914 |”Heliotrope Hotel Selling Beds

Guests at the Bellingham Hotel enjoy the stylish comfortable rooms, as well as the ease of access to Bellingham’s Columbia neighborhood and the Fountain district.